Every day is charged with possibility, a chance to discover something new, and an opportunity to improve the world we live in. 365 Worlds features a new art object(world) each day in 2020. Over 90% of the materials and equipment used for the project are recycled, repurposed, or trash. Worlds can be original sculpture, found objects, conceptual, and collaborative works. Images of the worlds are formatted for a stylized space background, which may alter during the year, and are presented here, and social media. An unfolding narrative will take form during the year, as more worldly details emerge.

Support for the project is graciously accepted through Paypal. You will receive an email from the artist inviting you interact with 365 Worlds. Your donation will further the creative endeavours of Wayne Llywelyn and the Llywelyn Expedition.

Wayne Llywelyn performing as the Llywelyn Expedition, exploring sound and song in alien atmospheres. Video and Fuzzy Kudzu background by Ralph Eaton. The Llywelyn Expedition on Bandcamp.

The Llywelyn Expedition often end up in strange places. Pictured is a protohuman tribe on the planet Jruajnfpau.